Monday 11 March 2019

Welcome to Room 3's 2019 blog!

Monday 12 November 2018

Masked Parade

Finally the Masked Parade - I was waiting all week. I was so excited. I was holding the flag with Reuben and my Dad, Terry. We were waiting at A10. In front of us were people that looked like they were from the future. At around 6.15 pm we started. We walked out through the car park, down the little side street into the main road and past all those parents and children clapping and cheering at us. By then we were near Tank and we still had a long way left at that point. There was a man with a full mask that was like a boat with a toy kid on the front. When I looked behind us I saw how big we were. I also saw Louie's Mum and Dad on the way in to the car park. I saw everybody's mask and they all looked awesome. There were birds, lions, fish, jellyfish, deep sea fish (like oarfish and vampire squid), and many many more. I had lot of fun. Sadly by then we were all most done as we were walking back into the car park. I saw some of my other friends walking that weren't in the Masked Parade. The teachers let their students go with their parents. My Mum, Dad and I walked around the stalls and found lots of cool things like food stalls. There was lots of variety. There was Dutch food, USA food, Chinese food and lots more.

By Jake

Sunday 11 November 2018


On Wednesdays, at the end of Term 3 and beginning of Term 4, Room 3 learnt how to play volleyball with Alan. We did volleyball for 4 weeks - 2 weeks with Alan and 2 weeks with a lady. We learnt how to cup our hands and strike.  We also learnt how to serve.  Then we played a game of volleyball.  We played a game of kids' volleyball.  There were 4 places you could go but you did not get to choose where you went. You got a point if the other team did not return the ball.  If you got 10 points you won the game. It was really fun. 
By Katie

Thursday 8 November 2018

First Aid

On Tuesday 30 October at 9:00 am we did  First Aid. The first thing that we learnt about in First Aid was DRSABCD. DRSABCD stands for: D is for Danger, then R is for Response, and S is for Send for help, then A is for Airway, then the letter B stands for Bleeding I think, and I forgot the rest but I kept listening. Danger means: To ensure the area is safe around you and the person who is unconscious. Then Response means: To check for a response, to do this you need to tap on their collar bone softly at first, then tap it harder if you don't get a response, but you have to make sure they feel comfortable. Send for Help means: Call triple one (111), you can contact that exact number or if you don't have a phone with you, then you can ask someone nearby to make the call for you. When you call 111 you have to make sure to tell them your right address and what city you live in, eg: I live in Stoke,Nelson. Then Airway means: You have two options, one of your options are to clear their Airway but to make it safer your second option is to put them into a safety position. The woman from St. John taught us how to do the safety position by taking a volunteer.  She chose a student and made her lie down to perform the safety position. First she took her arm closest to her and extended it to the top, then she took her other arm then she placed it delicately on top of her stomach. She then took the student's left leg which was farthest from her and extended it upwards to make an upside down V shape. Then she pushed her leg forwards to make her lie down sideways, then she took her left arm and placed it below her head. She then took her left arm and extended it away from her stomach to make the arm feel relaxed. We have to do the Safety/Recovery position because sometimes the unconscious person might vomit upwards and the vomit shoots back into their mouths and might choke them or possibly kill them, but in a safety position they can vomit sideways which is much safer than vomiting upwards. We had to go with buddies to perform the safety position ourselves so that we could actually learn to do that to a real unconscious person. Another meaning of Airway is to check that someone is still breathing. To do this you need to put your one hand (any hand) on their stomach or their chest, then you put your head above the patient's head from a distance and you should feel air coming from their airway but if not, then you're in big trouble! Another fun thing we did for First Aid that I enjoyed was how to stop something from bleeding. The letter B in Drsabcd was actually Bleeding. To stop someone from bleeding you need: A small piece of cloth, and a gauze bandage. We also had to perform this with the same buddies from the safety position. First we needed to put the small piece of cloth carefully on top of the part that's bleeding (No one was actually bleeding). Our second step was to tie the gauze bandage around the small piece of cloth that's covering the wound. To secure the gauze bandage around the patient's arm You need to tuck the remaining gauze bandage in itself. The lady from St.John also taught us how to make a sling out of our sweaters. The last fun thing we did was our "Teamwork Game". Our teamwork game was based on using teamwork and cooperation to answer questions that the lady from St.John asked us. She told us to list down things we would need if we did camping together. My team listed down many things. She said that we went camping together and we had to hike 5 hours to get to our cabin. She then said that we reached the Riverside Track, and when we did, one of us fell down in the water. She said that the person's name was Joe and that Joe was cold and soaking wet. She then asked what we would give Joe to calm him down. She asked each team what they would give Joe (There were four teams).  We said that we would give him some spare clothes and some warm food. Our team gained three points. The next thing that happened was that Joe was complaining about the weather, so she asked what we could give him to calm him down again. My team said that we could give him a coat to wear because it was cold. The lady from St.John made one of us pick something in her backpack that would help us to save Joe or we could use it for our own uses Jack, our team member, picked out a foil emergency blanket. Then what happened next was that Joe started to have hypothermia. I started to wonder why he would have hypothermia... maybe he fell off the Titanic or something. He has hypothermia now because of the weather. The lady asked us, what could we give Joe to stop his hypothermia? Obviously we weren't thinking too much outside of the box, we were just using the things that we've listed on paper. Keanu, one of our team members, suggested that we call for help. Then Jack suggested that we also use the foil emergency blanket. I said to them to feed him some warm food. The other groups thought out of the box, while some of them didn't. Our team didn't really win but it was a fun game. So the lady from St. John suggested that we would give him a blanket, then some food. Then two of us could call for help and while two of us do call for help, we could build a fire for Joe to keep warm. The game would be really easy if we just thought outside of the box. That is the end of our First Aid lesson.

Monday 17 September 2018

Winter Tournament

On Tuesday the 4th of September we travelled by bus to Saxton Field for Winter Tournament. There were lots of other schools there that were awesome at the sports. We were allowed to choose from two of six sports. The sports we could choose from were Netball, Hockey, Ki o Rahi, Rippa Rugby, Football and Boccia.

There were lots of people and everyone in my team got a chance to be each position. Out of A for attack, D for defence and C for centre, my favourite position was C. In this position you were allowed everywhere apart from the two semicircles on each short side of the rectangular court. The team I was in was pretty good. We only lost one game and we got two ties and two wins. I think I might play netball as a sport at school as well!

By Lexi

One of the sports that I played was Hockey and I found it very amusing to play. We got to play six matches and we won three of them.The schools that we versed were Tahunanui School, Birchwood School, Enner Glynn School, Stoke School and Nelson Christian Academy. There were three teams from every school (including us). I was in team three. At the end of the day, I thought that it was a great experience.

By Reuben

When we got to Saxton Field we had a little snack before walking to our first sport. When we arrived at the field we put our bags down on the hard soil. We thought that the ground would be easy to run on.We waddled like penguins on to our first field.Then we realised that the ground was a big mud bath. As you ran your shoes sank in trapping your nice clean shoes. When the games were over and our clean shoes had turned black, we walked back and had lunch.

By Asha

Ki o Rahi
My name is Charlie and I am going to talk to you about Ki o Rahi.  The aim of the game is to get the most points.  My favourite sport at Winter Tournament was Ki o Rahi.  You need a cylinder, a ball, rips, 7 sticks and lots of cones. You need two teams. One team tries to throw the ball at the cylinder.   If they hit it they get a point.  But there are three people on the island and they try to protect the cylinder.  The same team is also trying to hit the sticks around the edge of the game and they run over the bridge and put the ball down without getting ripped.  The team with the most points wins.

By Charlie

At Winter Tournament I played Rippa Rugby.  When we all got to the spot that we
were playing on, we put our bags down and got in to the lines.  After we got in
line, we were given the straps and rips to put on. Then we all went to the
fields to play. When I got to the field that we were playing on, I took off
my shoes and socks because it was really muddy.The first team that we played
was Enner Glynn School.  After we started some of us were really muddy. Next we
versed the other Nayland Primary team. The last team that we played was Stoke School and most of us were really muddy. When we were finished we all got our bags and shoes on and went back to the netball courts to line up in our classes.  We all went back to school on the bus.

By Alizae

Sunday 16 September 2018


For two Mondays this term we played tennis with Suzie. We played games. We played jackpot - that was my favourite.  I had the most money in my team. I scored $725. The skills we learnt were under hit and we learnt to do a rally. For the warm up at the start we had to rally over lines. Reuben and I got 20. It was really fun playing tennis with Suzie. We were only out for half an hour. I wish we could go back as it was fun. That week there was also a tennis day at Tahunanui Club for people that wanted to do it. Hopefully we can go back another day as it was really fantastic.

By Cyprus

Monday 13 August 2018

Cross Country

This day was an exciting day! I am talking to you about Cross Country. After the short walk to Nayland College we got sorted into our house colours. Then we watched other student's races as we waited for ours to begin. For some of us it was a long wait! The order was five year olds, six year olds, seven year olds, eight year olds, nine year olds, ten year olds and finally eleven year olds. Two weeks later the competitive winners went to inter-schools. It was fun and I think everyone did great!